Mountain Research has the capabilities to design, build, install, operate and maintain the following types of remediation systems:

  • Dual phase extraction;
  • Enhanced BioRemediation;
  • Air sparging;
  • Pump and treat systems;
  • Soil vapor extraction;
  • Soil venting;
  • Chemical oxidation and reduction; and
  • Pure Oxygen Injection


Mountain Research developed wireless web based telemetry systems that can be utilized for a variety of remedial system technologies.  The telemetry system provides continual, real-time monitoring of the remediation system and components. Data is saved to a server, and can be viewed on the Internet from any location. Historical data can be used to monitor system performance, troubleshoot in advance of site visits, and report system operations to clients and regulators.

The telemetry systems also allow for remote activation/de-activation of the remediation system and individual components such as pumps, blowers, switches, and solenoid valves. This results in fewer trips to the system, leading to more cost effective operation and maintenance.

Incorporating a Mountain Research telemetry system into your next or current remedial project will allow for greater system up time, efficient system operation, scheduling operation and maintenance visits more efficiently, and provide troubleshooting of the components from the office. These benefits result in cost effective operations and shorter cleanup times.