Mountain Research provides hydrogeologic services to access water supplies from groundwater.  Groundwater supplies can be evaluated for a variety of applications including:

  • Industrial cooling/processing;
  • Irrigation;
  • Geothermal; and
  • Municipal and domestic water supply

Mountain Research’s services can manage a project from conception to completion.  Fracture trace analysis and geophysical techniques such as very low frequency (VLF) and electrical resistivity identify drilling targets.  Downhole geophysics and imaging provide analysis of optimal production zones.  Mountain Research provides oversight and coordination of well drilling, well development and aquifer testing.

After groundwater exploration activities, Mountain Research can provide permitting, engineering design and installation of water distribution systems.

Other hydrogeologic services Mountain Research can provide include:

  • Groundwater modeling;
  • Permeability/infiltration testing;
  • Wellhead protection;
  • Prepare technical well specification;
  • Groundwater/surface water sampling and analysis; and
  • Water diversion permitting and monitoring

Aquifer Testing

The most reliable method of quantifying hydraulic properties and potential impacts of a groundwater diversion is to conduct an aquifer-pumping test.  Mountain Research can provide the knowledge and equipment for a single well pumping test, to complex multiple well pumping tests.  Mountain Research provides onsite control and monitoring of aquifer tests to ensure that pumping rates are held constant and that all data collection equipment is functional.

During on-site monitoring, we provide continuous evaluations of test results so decisions can be made in the field regarding the testing procedures.  Mountain Research personnel have the knowledge to conduct the analyses of aquifer test results from unconsolidated sands and gravels, glacial environments and fracture-rock formations.