Mountain Research has conducted many Brownfield characterizations, cleanups and closures. In Pennsylvania, Brownfield projects are conducted under Pennsylvania’s Act 2.

The primary goal of Act 2 is to encourage the voluntary cleanup and reuse of contaminated commercial and industrial sites.  Act 2 provides incentives to promote the voluntary development and implementation of cleanup plans. Clear, uniform cleanup standards and standardized review procedures promote the voluntary elimination of public health and environmental hazards.  Cleanup plans are based on the actual risk that contamination on a site may pose to public health and the environment.

Notably, Mountain Research was the first company to successfully complete an Act 2 Release of Liability in central Pennsylvania.  We have successfully completed numerous Act 2 projects throughout the Commonwealth revitalizing thousands of acres of contaminated property.  Mountain Research also completed the first successful regional Non-Use Aquifer designation in Pennsylvania under Act 2.  Mountain Research has successfully used all four Act 2 standards (Statewide Health Standard, Site Specific Standard, Background Standard, and Special Industrial Area Standard).

Satisfied clients include national and regional developers; national law firms; global financial institutions; large convenience store chains; federal, state and local government agencies; and a wide variety of industrial and manufacturing companies.