Environmental and Geotechnical Drilling

Mountain Research offers the latest technology in environmental and geotechnical drilling services for site investigation, remediation, foundation design and construction.  Our drilling rigs include a Geoprobe® Model 6600 and a Geoprobe® Model 5400.  We recently added an Acker® Soil-Scout, increasing the capabilities of our fleet.

The Acker® Soil-Scout offers:

  • Track Mount - Remote Control - Rubber Tracks;
  • Winch for each access;
  • 48 inch width capacity;
  • Mast extension removal enabling eight foot clearance;
  • Installation of two or four inch diameter monitoring wells;
  • Rock core capable (NQ2) with HQ potential;
  • Continuous soil sampling for site characterization activities; and
  • Geotechnical soil sampling using the Standard Penetration Test (ASTM D-1586) via hollow stem auger or split-spoon sampler

Our Geoprobe® rigs offer the following capabilities:

  • Continuous soil sampling for site characterization activities;
  • Installation of 1 or 2 inch diameter monitoring wells;
  • Installation of soil vapor monitoring points, air sparging and vapor extraction points, and injection wells;
  • Geotechnical soil sampling using the Standard Penetration Test (ASTM D-1586) split-spoon sampler with a Geoprobe® DH100 automatic drop hammer; and
  • Limited continuous diamond rock core drilling (NX)

Mountain Research also uses a ChemGrout® Model CG555 multi-purpose grouting machine for monitoring well abandonment in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements.

Mountain Research’s drilling personnel hold certifications for states within the Mid-Atlantic region for drilling and installation of monitoring wells.  All drilling personnel and inspectors meet the requirements set forth by OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120 and have completed the required 40 hour OSHA health and safety course.

Utility Locating Services

The majority of environmental investigations occur either at active or inactive commercial and industrial sites where numerous underground utilities may be present.  During subsurface drilling at these types of sites for soil sampling and/or monitoring well installation, there is always a risk that subsurface utilities will be damaged.  When utilities are damaged, there could possibly be loss of services to the site building, equipment damage, or personal injury, including, loss of life to the equipment operator and by-standers.

Mountain Research’s Utilivac® VE75 air knife is highly portable and operates in combination with an air compressor capable of producing at least 185 cubic feet a minute (cfm) to form a vacuum (22” Hg).  Mountain Research provides the only “dry” air knife utility locating services throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.  The advantages of utilizing “dry” vacuum extraction are:

  • Using only compressed air and vacuum to safely expose utilities;
  • Dry soil can be put back in the excavation;
  • Equipment can be operated in cold climates; and
  • No containment is necessary during air knifing operations

In addition to performing utility locating services, the air knife can also be utilized for the following services:

  • Carbon changes on remediation systems;
  • Monitoring well development; and
  • Vacuuming liquids and slurries from small excavations and drums

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